Reach for the Lamb – Dr. Susan Hester

Sometimes I feel like I cannot breathe

Life’s complications they just take a hold of me.

Nights can seem far longer

As the shadows they grow stronger

Spinning fear inside my head.


Christian poem
Photo by Karen Castleberry


How can I stop the burning questions?

Calm the restless storms that drench my soul?

Can I just reach now for my Savior?

Find the calm that is the Lamb.

Breathe his warmth, the loving Lamb.

Shine his light, the great I am.


Christian poem
Photo by Karen Castleberry


When the feast still leaves me empty

Hunger plain for so much more.

Feed the pain for my past sorrow

With the joy-filled saving Lamb.

Still the Mighty great I am.

Copyright © 2019 by Dr. Susan Hester


Dr. Susan Hester has worked in academic healthcare settings as an educator and grant writer for over thirty years securing millions in funding for research and workforce training programs. Her passion for writing has led to numerous presentations and journal articles as well as publication of her poetry/prose. She enjoys volunteering in her church and surrounding community.

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