My Stars – Lynn Sanders

No stars in the sky that I look to for solace from the world tonight

Clouds obscure my view, a crescent moon gives just a sliver of moon light

Disappointment settles in my soul, I had endured to get to this moment in my day

To focus on those heavenly bodies and listen for my Lord while I pray.

That voice I hold dear asked, “Do you only believe in what you can see?

Then how have you ever managed to believe in Me?”

I look to my heart for that question deep down to where conviction awaits soul searching

Has doubt, fear, confusion, anxiety, depression, walked my soul, rambling and lurching?

Christian magazine summer issue
Photo by Lynn Sanders

I know those stars are there, arranged in intricate designs across a Summer midnight sky

Even when low gray billowing swirling clouds barricade them from my eye

Do I still believe in my God when I don’t see the work of His hands?

Do I let the things I can see transport my soul to deserted lands?

Forgive me Lord, I confess my sin of doubt, confusion and anxiety to You

Forgive me for forgetting only good for me is what You will do.

And thank You for sending that steady gentle breeze that has moved clouds from where stars should be

Once again I marvel at the artistic way You painted this star lit sky seemingly just for me.

Copyright © 2019 by Lynn Sanders


Lynn Sanders is a mother of 3 amazing adults, a nurse that works with adults with developmental disabilities and director of Sky Hill Animal Society in Selma, Alabama. Lynn loves utilizing her dogs and horses to show people the love of God through Therapy Animal work.

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