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While traveling through north Georgia, we stopped at a state park in the mountains. While looking out over a valley, I sensed the Holy Spirit doing something in my heart. I felt that I could see much farther from this high position, and the Lord wanted to give me a higher view of the temporal world we live in.

I began to see where my focus has been off. The “hot topics” of today are very temporal and used as a distraction to take our focus off of an eternal agenda. In the long run, our views on the flags, racism, or even crime control will not matter, but what we choose to do with God’s Son will matter. This earth, and the various issues that we have made “hot topics,” which we debate over and over, are only temporary. They are a very small part of our existence compared to eternity and the way we will live it.

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I want to tell people do not dismiss Jesus because of the church. That is like looking in a fun house mirror. Yes, the mirror may reflect the image we are looking at, but it is a distorted image and not the true image. Unfortunately, most of the church does not reflect His beauty adequately. I pray He reveals Himself to all who are spiritually hungry but unable to find what they have been seeking.

The Scriptures tell us, “Go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19-20). I think some of us, including myself, have been trying to do so through debating these issues, but it is not the way to accomplish such a monumental task.

Before his conversion, Paul truly thought the greatest issue before him was to stop the spread of Christianity. When the scales came off his eyes, he “saw” this agenda was wrong. Paul began to have an eternal perspective as evidenced by the way he talked about the afterlife. He used his life to take people one step closer to Jesus. That is what it means to “go and tell.”

Christian magazine summer issue
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I really like John Wimber’s steps to evangelism. He taught that when we engage with people, our goal is to inch them a little closer to our Lord, which means while witnessing, we may not see someone’s instant salvation. That is because, as the Scriptures teach us, some plant, some water, but God gives the increase (see 1 Corinthians 3:6).

Arguing or debating with those whose hearts have not been transformed is like trying to lead a dead horse to water. It is impossible because I have been one of the ones that have tried. Even if you have a horse that is alive, he won’t drink unless he is thirsty. The only way to get him thirsty is with salt. We Christians, unfortunately, have been salt which has lost its savor. We have hardly been able to make our “own people” thirsty, much less the world.

How do we become salty again? We do this by returning to our first love and living for the eternal world to come, not for the temporary world we are in today. If we seek Him, we will find Him, for He is wanting to be found.

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Lisa Williams is a southern girl who enjoys writing about the trials of life and spiritual growth from them. She grew up in the 70’s and wrote her first book when she was 10 years old about “talking cars” long before Disney made a movie and became even richer on the idea. She married young then became a registered nurse. After her children came along she traded in her nurses cap and homeschooled them for seventeen years. Life threw her a lot of loops and she is a survivor of breast cancer and infidelity. Her relationship with God was what got her through it all and in her empty nest she finally has the heart and time to write about His light in very dark places. If you’d like to join her on this journey you may follow her blog at https://partthewater.wordpress.com/.

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