Thankful – Lynn Sanders

Thankful to God - Christian Poem
Photo by Lynn Sanders

Am I thankful in the midst of hardships, as Job was in times of old?

Does bitterness and despair replace faith that has weakened and grown cold?

God answers all of my prayers even when I don’t see

Either yes, wait or no, always one of these three.

Of course I’m Thankful when relationships are strong and prodigals return

When I am provided with every want and every yearn.

But what about when vows are broken beyond repair,

Friends betray, and you can’t find a soul you think cares.

Thankful to God - Christian Poetry
Photo by Lynn Sanders

Now that there is silver in my hair, and fine lines around my eyes,

I understand God has always had a plan, He has always heard my cries.

I’m thankful now when yes is the answer to my prayers

When my life appears happily ever after, and He eases my cares.

I’ve learned to be thankful when His answer is also no

Even when I thought I knew how things should go.

I’m thankful now for the waits too

Resting in peace as I watch what God can do.

Copyright © 2020 by Lynn Sanders


Lynn Sanders is a mother of 3 amazing adults, a nurse that works with adults with developmental disabilities and director of Sky Hill Animal Society in Selma, Alabama. Lynn loves utilizing her dogs and horses to show people the love of God through Therapy Animal work.

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