Path of the Righteous – Lynn Sanders

“The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter to the full light of day.” — Proverbs 4:18 (NIV)

I love mornings. I love sitting on the porch in the morning by the river. I love the smell of horses as I saddle up just before dawn in the quiet start of a new day and mount up to ride just as the sun starts to peek through shades of pink. I love the quiet of the river as we ease our boat out of the boat slip to find just the perfect fishing spot to sit casting lines, checking trotlines or snag lines baited the night before. I love the quiet of sunrises. I love the color of sunrises. I love the new beginning, fresh start feel of sunrises.

I read this verse and wonder, am I really one of the righteous?

My knee-jerk, standard, good Christian girl response is, “Of course I’m one of the righteous, I’m a blood-bought daughter of the King of Kings.”

The truth? I don’t always feel righteous.

My choices? Not always real righteous.

My mouth and choice of words sometimes? Nope, not a lot of righteousness there some days.

My habits? Nope, not always righteous.

My attitude? Well, as you can guess, that gets a big nope, not always righteous there, either.

Path of the Righteous - Christian Inspiration
Photo by Lynn Sanders

This verse talks about a path. Paths are meant to be walked, traveled forward on.

Paths can be winding, uphill, downhill, require unexpected bridges to continue on, not always wonderful weather, sometimes rocky, sometimes muddy and slippery and sometimes lead to sights so beautiful they take your breath away .

Did the sacrifice of Christ make me righteous? Yes, absolutely.

But the verse reminds me that there is still a path.

Sunrises do not happen all at once. It is still a sunrise, from the first peek of light in a dark morning sky, until that sun is fully displayed in its glory. Every step is still a sunrise.

Just like my righteousness. Yes, I am one of the righteous. Just as you are if you have given your life to God by accepting the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Maybe your righteousness is like mine, and some days it is like that first hint of light and just getting started.

Maybe some days your righteousness is like that moment when the sky is breathtaking shades of pink and orange on a cobalt blue, and so beautiful you hesitate to speak and stand in awe of it.

Maybe some days the clouds are ominous. Even though you know that sunrise is still there, you simply can’t see it. Too many times my righteousness has felt just like that.

Path of Righteousness - Christian Inspiration
Photo by Lynn Sanders

The scripture reminds us that righteousness is a path.  A path we have to keep moving forward on, becoming more and more righteous until we are standing in the full light of day.

Use that next sunrise to thank God for making you righteous, then ask Him to forgive you for when you have not acted very righteous. He will, I promise.

Thank You, Lord, for sending Your Son, Jesus as a sacrifice for me, so that I can become righteous in His strength. Show me where I need to change. Show me where I am not living righteous and forgive me for those thoughts, words and actions. Thank You for always making a path for me. Thank You for the sunrise, Lord, to start a new day and a new chance to live for You.

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Lynn Sanders is a mother of 3 amazing adults, a nurse that works with adults with developmental disabilities and director of Sky Hill Animal Society in Selma, Alabama. Lynn loves utilizing her dogs and horses to show people the love of God through Therapy Animal work.

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