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Reflections Christian online magazine was created to provide inspirational, thoughtful, hopeful, and encouraging reading. My hope is that the magazine, through words and art, shows God’s presence and God at work in our lives. The magazine includes devotionals, theme pieces, stories, testimonies, poetry, songs, prayers, letters, featured columns, photography, and more. Reflections features new, aspiring, and seasoned writers from around the world.

I first began Reflections Christian online magazine in 2005. My motivation for launching the magazine was partly to support and encourage new Christian writers and partly to get more godly writing on the internet. The idea came to me when I searched online for the word “depression” and was taken immediately to a gambling site. I realized we needed more Christian writing online. So Reflections came to be.

I stopped publishing during a season when I was very busy going through inner healing and then going through seminary. Now I have felt that it’s time to create a new version of Reflections starting with the Winter 2020 issue. I am excited. I hope you will enjoy reading Reflections.

God bless,

Janet Eriksson, Editor & Publisher


Janet Eriksson is an intercessor, writer, and teacher in Dahlonega, Georgia. She loves conversation with friends, front porch swings, sweet tea, and spending time on lakes and rivers. The author of nine books and editor of many more, Janet blogs and teaches at https://adventureswithgod.blog/. She enjoys volunteering with Transformations. Janet received her M. Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary.

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