Snuggle Time with God – Janet Eriksson

Bible Verse

“For you bring me a continual revelation of resurrection life, the path to the bliss that brings me face-to-face with you.” — Psalm 16:11 (TPT)


I have the blessing of pet sitting for a neighborhood dog. He is the cutest, cuddliest creature. He always likes to be nearby, preferably in the same room. He doesn’t demand constant interaction and is quite content to just “be there.” But once in a while, he likes to nuzzle a hand or foot or ear, as if to say, “Snuggle time!”

When this little guy requests snuggle time,  I drop everything I’m doing. I don’t want to miss that time with him. If I would do that for a pup, will I do the same for God?

Christian Devotional
Photo by Janet Eriksson, Adventures with God

God is always with us, and He loves just being with us. While we may not be constantly and intentionally interacting with Him, He is always there. And quite content to be present with us.

How much more dynamic and enjoyable would our relationship with God be, if throughout the day we take a pause to snuggle with God? Just to really hone in on the joy of His presence. To acknowledge that He is there, and how awesome He is. To smile because He loves us. And just to feel all joyful because we get to spend snuggle time with the creator of the universe.

Christian devotional
Photo by Janet Eriksson, Adventures with God

A pup who wants to snuggle will put his nose right in front of ours, so it’s hard to miss. God may not be quite that “in our face” (or He might be!), so we have to take the initiative and remember to say, “Snuggle time, God!” (Not to remind Him, but to remind ourselves.) And forget everything else for a moment while we focus in on Him. It’s a great habit to get into. It will bring greater peace and joy to our day and bring deeper contentment in our relationship with God.


Lord, thank You for snuggle time with You. I am grateful You are always with me, and there’s no place You would rather be. Help me to really focus in on You throughout my day. Remind me, Lord, that I have fullness of joy in Your presence. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Thought for the Day

There are lots of joys we would drop everything for. Let’s make sure God is at the top of that list.

Copyright © 2020 by Janet Eriksson


Janet Eriksson is an intercessor, writer, and teacher in Dahlonega, Georgia. She loves conversation with friends, front porch swings, sweet tea, and spending time on lakes and rivers. The author of nine books and editor of many more, Janet blogs and teaches at She enjoys volunteering with Transformations. Janet received her M. Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Christian writer
Photo by Karen Castleberry

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